Data Backup

Did you know that 70% of companies go out of business after a major data loss?

You know you need a high-quality backup solution. Today's computer threats are a growing problem. We deal with issues every day from hackers, computer viruses, power failures, fire water or other natural disasters. A critical component of any business strategy is a well designed data backup solution. You need it to protect against data loss, maximize your recovery reliability and minimize the burden on your administrative and management team.

Most business owners are confused about or fed up with their backups. There's a lot to is and you want to make sure you cover all ground. Most other data backup companies charge large amounts for a straightforward service that shouldn't cost your business an arm and a leg. Since you're not in the business of data backup and protection, the number of options out there can be easily perplexing.

Let Northwind concentrate on your data backup while you concentrate on running your business. Give us a call at 208-424-0125 to talk about data backup options.