Network Installation

Why hire a full time staff when you can save money by creating a partnership with Northwind?

A network installation needs to offer optimum efficiency at a minimal cost so you can ensure a max ROI. You can be assured that Northwind plans each computer network installation in detail using the latest, state-of-the-art technology and methods to date. Our advice and specifications are based purely on our technical knowledge grouped with your criteria and budget.

We do the following network installation services for small to large businesses in the Boise area:

  • Installation
  • Configure
  • Diagnose
  • Repair
  • Maintain
  • Cabling
  • Wireless
  • Security

Northwind can help you determine the type of network installation to use and design it, acquire networking supplies and equipment, implement and tune the network, protect and maintain and help you use it effectively.

We are happy to be the first choice by lots of businesses in the Boise area for network installation, and would love to provide the service for you.

Give us a call to discuss more about our network installation services with our experienced staff at 208-424-0125.