Network Security

Protecting the data of your customers and business is vital. Any intrusion can be extremely costly both financially and to your business reputation. No matter the size of your company, these days Network Security is one of the most important roles in a business infastructure.

Northwind knows computer network security and our highly regarded staff will make sure your data stays safe and secure. We offers a wide range of security services to organizations of all sizes. Our computer network security services provide protection across the network, safeguarding the network, critical internal assets, data, remote users, customers and partners.

Here's a list of network security practices that we can put into place for you:

  • Firewall
  • Log Monitoring
  • Encrypted Email
  • Security Consulting
  • Web Application Scanning
  • Threat Intelligence
  • and more

Get in contact with Northwind at 208-424-0125 to discuss how we can improve the network security infastructure of your organization.